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New York City


We are a husband and husband team dedicated to you. We value your time and make this process as seamless as possible. Our services are delivered within a timeframe tailored to your needs, without compromising quality.

 Louis A. Cannizzaro (He/Him)

Our principal attorney, Louis A. Cannizzaro, was born and raised on Long Island and obtained his law degree from Hofstra University. He has been practicing in the area of trusts and estates for over 15 years, and handles everything from estate planning, estate and trust administrations, and litigation in the New York State Surrogate’s Court.


Lou is dedicated to bringing his vast experience to assist ordinary folks with their estate planning needs in a modern and compassionate setting. As such, he is committed to crafting customized solutions that reflect your specific needs and goals. As a fellow member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Lou deeply understands the dynamic and unique needs that individuals and couples in the community face as it relates to their estate planning. 


Lou is also a partner at Falcon Rappaport & Berkman LLP, a full-service law firm serving clients in the New York metropolitan area and beyond. You can be sure that whatever may arise, we can connect you with the right professionals to help

Our Values

First and foremost, your personal information is privileged and anything shared with our firm will be treated as confidential.


We value your time and make this process as seamless as possible. Our services are delivered within a timeframe tailored to your needs, without compromising quality.


We believe in transparency, providing our clients with fixed fees upfront to eliminate any surprises and ensure a clear understanding of costs for services.


Our extensive experience allows us to proactively anticipate and address potential issues, as well as mitigate future disputes and potential costs.


Michael Romano (He/Him)

Our paralegal and husband of Louis, Michael Romano, was born and raised in Queens and graduated from Queens College with a Master of Arts in Teaching. Transitioning from a teacher to a paralegal was a seamless shift, largely due to his passion for helping others. His empathetic nature and personable disposition segued effortlessly into advocating for clients, understanding their needs, and navigating legal processes with sensitivity and understanding. 


With a meticulous eye for detail, Michael remains focused in assisting Louis with any and all tasks at hand. His organizational skills ensure that deadlines are met efficiently and tasks are prioritized effectively. These qualities collectively contribute to ensuring smooth workflow with finesse and proficiency.

 LGBTQIA+ Considerations

While our community has made considerable progress in recent decades, we still face a society with varied levels of acceptance. For this reason, we have unique considerations when it comes to our estate planning needs. Utilizing a few essential estate planning documents can bring peace of mind, ensure that your goals are accomplished, and help minimize the emotional and financial toll on those left behind. For our community in particular, estate planning has become a vital resource in protecting our loved ones and our legacies.


To read more about these considerations, please see our blog post: “Estate Planning Considerations for LGBTQIA+ Individuals”

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